Duncan Daniels Shares A Nostalgia Single ‘Obalende’

Duncan Daniels is a singer, songwriter, and music producer who was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but reared in both the United Kingdom and Nigeria. He was nurtured in both countries until he moved to the United States.

Duncan Daniels has been able to hone his skills throughout the course of his career in order to master the art of bringing an alternative combination of Afro Beats, Pop, Rock, and Soul to life. His music incorporates all of the essential elements, including beats, vocals, lyrics, and rhythm, to create a sound that is exclusive to both his identity and his label, DunkishRock.

Duncan’s musical abilities emerged at an early age, and individuals in his immediate environment took note very immediately after he began composing music and playing the piano at the age of 11 (when he was only 11 years old).

He attributes the development of his love for music to the fact that he spent his childhood listening to musicians like Fela Kuti, U2, Bon Jovi, boyz II men, and of course, the incomparable Michael Jackson.

Duncan Daniels’s musical career has lasted almost two decades, starting in the early 2000s in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, when he was a member of the iconic Tuck Tyght collective. His music career has been active practically the whole time since then.

Duncan Daniels is considered as one of the most consistent US-based Nigerian Diaspora Artists with up to 5 solo albums and over 20 songs published. He has received many nominations at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards and maintains a continuous release schedule for his music. In the summer of 2022, Duncan Daniels will release his sixth collection of work, which he is currently working on.

Duncan Daniels takes a trip down memory lane to reflect on the few times he travelled from Port Harcourt to Lagos in the middle of the 2000s. Before entering Lagos Island, he had to first navigate the very congested Obalende neighbourhood located on the mainland of Lagos.

The song “So into You,” which was released by Tamia in 1998 and has a similar progression and melody structure, comes to mind when one taps deeply into this sense of nostalgia. As a result, a love song with a catchy summer-sounding, fun, and vibey sound emerges as the first single from the album Songs of Limitless Optimism.

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