Dru Lira Premieres Remix To His Single ‘Out In California’ Featuring BredMan

Andrew Lira is a Mexican American songwriter, singer, composer, and producer who hails from Monrovia, California, just outside of Los Angeles. He is better known by his stage name, Dru Lira.

Growing up, Dru Lira was a lover of music from the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, namely hip hop, rap, and r&b. He is a fan of all genres of music. To fast forward to when he was a bit older, he began writing songs and composing beats.

Once he got a hold of the equipment to start formally, he took the initiative and so he started practising the craft, business, and culture of the music industry. Lira is a highly versatile performer, as seen by the fact that he is able to merge diverse musical styles and produce music that is both melodious and contagious.

Dru Lira Premieres Remix To His Single 'Out In California' Featuring BredMan
Dru Lira Premieres Remix To His Single ‘Out In California’ Featuring BredMan

There are a select few stunning people in his life that motivate him in a variety of ways to keep pushing forward and fulfilling his philosophy in the inventive ways that he pursues it. Kanye West, Drake, Michael Jackson, Pharrell, and a number of other greats in the music industry are some of the musicians that have had an impact on him musically.

In addition, he is also known as the San Gabriel Valley. Dru Lira is also linked to the artist known as “Zhavia” a name he first became familiar with in the years immediately after his graduation from high school.

Dru has just officially released his most current track, “Out In California,” which features BredMan. “Out In California” is a song that characterised him as being more polished with his sound and voice tone.

After the release, he realised that a lot of people started to recognise him more, and they began to consider him to be one of the serious and innovative artists to keep an eye out for.

Lira’s passions outside of music include learning new things and advancing his education in a variety of fields so that he may improve his trade. He is always trying to educate others around him, encourage those around him, and inspire them.

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