Dr Souc Shares Genre Blending EP Dubbed ‘The Universal Language’

Dr Souc is a musician from Milford, United States, who has released six albums that span several musical genres, including pop, hip hop, and electronic dance music.

This has been his strength, allowing him the ability to include a wide variety of excellent musicians, since his skill is of the sort that is extremely difficult to discover in modern times.

The Universal Language is the name he gave to the EP that he released as his most recent studio album. Dr Souc is responsible for the composition and singing, while his father, Tim Soucy, is the guitarist in the band.

K-Swisha was responsible for the instruments, while Grammy-nominated music producer Peter Peloquin was responsible for mixing and mastering the whole project.

Follow along with him as he takes you and me on a unique adventure that is related to his music and his way of life.

Dr Souc Shares Genre Blending EP Dubbed 'The Universal Lnaguage'
Dr Souc Shares Genre Blending EP Dubbed ‘The Universal Lnaguage’

What is your real and showbiz name?
My real name is Jonathan Soucy and my showbiz name is Dr Souc.

What would you say is your greatest strength as an artist?
My greatest strength as an artist would be the ability to market my brand name to a wide variety of listeners.

What is your creative process when making music?
My creative process consists of listening to an instrumental track and writing down what comes to my mind and constantly reworking the lyrics until I feel they fit perfectly. Then I will add more instruments where I feel needed in the instrumental.

How long have you been making music and what attracted you to it?
I’ve been making it since I was 17. I grew up taking piano & vocal lessons at a very young age. I got into music from my father constantly playing it on the guitar. He introduced me to the Beatles and Linkin park I fell in love.

What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome as a band/artist so far?
The biggest challenge I’ve had to overcome was my stage fright and being camera shy.

What streaming sites do you think offer the most value to a band?
In my opinion, I feel youtube may offer the most value for a band because of how many users the platform has on a daily basis.

How do you think social media or the internet has affected the music scene in your country?
I think social media has made it possible for a lot more people to find a new favourite artist or a new genre to listen to. I think social media made music a lot more interesting because of all the media the fan has the ability to access, such as behind-the-scenes videos and the ability to message directly to their favourite music artist.

What are your friend’s and parents’ thoughts on your career?
My parents and friends have been extremely helpful and supportive throughout my entire music career by always lending a helping hand when needed.

What does your current song mean to you?
My current album, “The Universal Language” has a lot of deep meaning to me. Such as never giving up on myself no matter the obstacles in the way. Finding my passion is the fountain of youth.

What is one message you would give to your fans?
One message I would give to my fans would be to keep pushing yourself to get better at whatever your craft or passion may be and follow through with your dreams and goals.

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