Don’t Forget You Lived Here Like A Tenant Says Pena

The song “You Lived Here Like a Tenant” is out of the singer Alutepena‘s album Tenant. She likes to be called “Pena.” Pena grew up in a family where the majority of the members are musicians and music lovers, which has contributed to the near-perfect development of her profession.

Siouxsie and the Banshees, Toyah, Blondie, No Doubt, Skunk Anansie, The Smiths and Poly Styrene has influenced her music creation process. Pena has no plans of conforming to the mases rule of music, she forges her own path and most music lovers are very much interested in her music and always looking forward to new music from her camp. She describes her music as “Progressive Symphonic Goth Punk Rock with a slice of reggae-fusion’ here and there.”

when I first begun writing lyrics, it was the usual ‘love songs’ but they get boring after a while. As I got older, I started writing things that were less on the love song side of things and more on the every day such as work, politics and other factors that affect us all – not just relationships.

this is what she had to say about the type of music she makes during an interview with Mister Styx of Musicarenagh, music takes different forms and Pena proudly takes the ‘different forms’, and You Lived Like A Tenant is a clear representation of that. You Lived Here Like A Tenant is also accompanied by a video that visualizes her thoughts and feelings.

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What is your stage name?

Alutepena (aka ‘Pena’).

Is there a story behind your stage name?

My first name is Alutepena which is a play on my real name. I shortened it to ‘Pena’ due to many people struggling to pronounce the full name which is pronounced as : A-LOU-TER-PEH-NA. I decided not to go with my real name due to someone else in the industry that’s known by that name. Similar to David Robert Jones having to change his. The only difference being is I went the extra mile reversed my name and added some letters to it instead – hahaha.
‘Lethia’s Natorium’ however, is not a band but a music project created by myself. The name itself has two meanings. Lethia is a gothic name which means ‘Sweet Oblivion’, whereas ‘Natorium’ is a deliberated misspelt word of ‘Natatorium’ that I decided to shorten to ‘Natorium’ instead.

Where do you find inspiration?

It could be many things such as day to day life as well as topics that are on the news. An idea for a song (or a song riff/chord) can come out of nowhere. I could be for instance heading off somewhere and an idea for a song comes in my head where I must literally grab a voice recorder or my iPad to get that idea down before I forget. Even with lyrics, I’ve found myself frantically finding an old envelope for onward transmission to my lyric book.

What was the role of music in the early years of your life?

It made a very big role in my life as far back as my school days. I was a late learner and the only subject I ‘excelled in’ (so to speak) was music. It was the only lesson that I found to be of interest and it was when I began writing poetry, which later became songs in my mid to late teens.

Are you from a musical or artistic family?

My family are relatively musical. All my uncles (bar one) play the guitar and / or keyboards plus a few of my cousins who sing in gospel choirs. My mum when she was younger had a very melodic voice as well. OK, none of us are well known music artists but music is a very big factor in my family.

Who inspired you to be a part of the music industry?

I inspired myself as it was the only thing that has been constant throughout my life. People come and go, relationships come and go but music has always been the main stayer in my life. This in addition to a couple of very close family members who have continually encouraged me to pursue and continue with my music journey.


I inspired myself as it was the only thing that has been constant throughout my life.

How did you learn to sing/write/to play?

Singing was through having vocal coaching many years ago. Writing was what I developed from childhood – my poems became lyrics as I got older. As in relation to playing, the only instrument I play now is the Ukulele and that is strictly to record guide chords that will later become the songs for ‘Lethia’s Natorium’.

What was the first concert that you ever went to and who did you see perform?
The first concert I went to was to see Madness.

How could you describe your music?

The best way I would describe the music of ‘Lethia’s Natorium’ as ‘Progressive Symphonic Goth Punk Rock with a slice of reggae-fusion’ here and there.

Describe your creative process.

Each song goes through various stages and although I have many people say to me : “Why don’t you just put a band together and call it ‘Lethia’s Natorium’?” To me, this would not work as I do work with a good team of people that (through their different contributions to each of the songs) seem to work. So, how is each song put together? It goes a little like this:-
1. The first stage is when I record a guide vocal and Uke chords to a drum loop at my house using a very basic home studio recording setup.

2. My recordings are then sent over to a guy I (remotely) work with, where he adds the guitars and bass parts to the song I sent him. He owns his own recording studio and sometimes he changes the drum loop if he feels it does not work with the song. At this stage, my guide Uke chords are replaced by his newly recorded guitars.

3. He then sends what he’s recorded back to me and I then take these with me to another recording studio, where I re-record the vocals. This record studio is where my producer works and this is where the song is tidied up and a rough mix made.
4. Depending on the song, if it requires strings, I then get in contact with a guy who plays violin and viola. He’s based overseas and again, I send over what’s been recorded over to him for him to add his violin and viola parts to. If he feels that the song needs a cello, he has his friend included on the song. I leave entirely to the violinist to arrange his part in accordance to the song. He then sends what he’s recorded back to me.
5. The final person who’s involved in the production process is the drummer comes into another studio to add his drums to all the (relatively finished) tracks
6. Once all the above are done, the song is passed back to my producer who does the final mixdown and mastering.

I think to the average person, they may think that there is a lot of backwards and forwards with each song and strangely enough, it does work – as it did with the first album. As mentioned before, if I had put a band together, it would affect the actual Lethia’s Natorium ‘sound’ overall – especially when it comes to adding real strings – not loops (I’m a bit ‘old school’ in terms of the real instrument side of things).

What is your main inspiration?

My main inspiration is to continuously strive to get on to the next rung of the music ladder, to learn from past mistakes and to grow my craft.

What musician do you admire most and why?

I admired David Bowie as throughout his music career, he was able to change his music and image according to different stages of his music journey. Not only that but he was also able to fully embrace his various personas as well creating some incredible lyrics, his music stood out. I grew up listening to a lot of David Bowie and even after his death, his music still lives on and are still relevant today as they were when he released them.

Did your style evolve since the beginning of your career?

Oh yes, most definitely! I think at the very beginning, I was still relatively unsure as to the kind of music and songs that I was able to write. For instance, when I first begun writing lyrics, it was the usual ‘love songs’ but they get boring after a while. As I got older, I started writing things that were less on the love song side of things and more on the everyday such as work, politics and other factors that affect us all – not just relationships.

Who do you see as your main competitor?


What are your interests outside of music?


If it wasn’t a music career, what would you be doing?

There isn’t anything else as music has played so much of a big part of my life, that I cannot imagine myself doing anything else.

What is the biggest problem you have encountered in the journey of music?

The biggest problem, I have found is unlike the artists of the 70s and 80s, these days (thanks to the likes of ‘Spotify’ where anyone can get music ‘for free’), the chances of earning enough money to live on the songs we produce are near on impossible.

There’s so many of us songwriters out there who would love to be able to afford to produce music full time but cannot due to many of us hardly receiving any royalties from our work. Even with a gazillion streams here and there, you’d struggle to even buy a cup of tea with that.

If you could change one thing in the music industry, what would it be?

A much bigger chunk of streaming pie royalties to be paid to the artists and songwriters lower down the music industry ladder and less in the streaming sites coffers.

Why did you choose this as the title of this project?

“You Lived Like a Tenant” the single was taken from the album : “Tenant”. The song itself was based on a landlord and tenant relationship but with the earth being the landlord and we being the unruly tenants.

What are your plans for the coming months?

At the moment, I have been extremely busy recording the song sketches for the follow-up album and will shortly be heading back into the recording studio to continue work on them. There’s also a promo video in the works in early Spring next year, which will showcase three or so songs from the forthcoming second album.

The album itself will be keeping me relatively busy until its scheduled release, which I envisage to be around next Autumn.
There’s also the photoshoot and the design work for the album that I also need to plan and will once again work with the same person who produced the artwork for the debut album.

Do you have any artistic collaboration plans

In addition to the usual people that I work / collaborate with, there are a couple of other people that I will be collaborating with but mostly on the ‘remix’ side of things of some of the songs that were released originally.

What message would you like to give to your fans?

Be true to yourself and don’t let anyone make you a carbon copy of someone else.


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