The first Europeans to arrive at the coast were the Portuguese in 1471.

They encountered a variety of African kingdoms, some of which controlled substantial deposits of gold in the soil.

In 1482, the Portuguese built the Castle of Elmina, the first European settlement on the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast had long been a name for the region used by Europeans because of the large gold resources found in the area.

The Gold Coast was a British colony on the Gulf of Guinea in west Africa that became the independent nation of Ghana in 1957. After independence the leaders of our Nation changed the name from Gold Coast to Ghana.

Democracy set in as we needed a leader to lead the nation and stop the coup d’etat in the country.

Everyone is praying for peaceful election this year. Its only some few days before we start voting. Some many dope emcees have shared theirs.

Well DJ Yoga hosted this dope tune and titled it as Gold Coast He hosted two of Ghana’s Rising Artistes AMISKY of Uptown Energy And Narkim of PSL

You gotta flow this tune in your headset DOWNLOAD,ENJOY AND SHARE DJ YoGa – DJ YoGa x Amisky & Narkim – Gold Coast (AfroTrap)

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