DJ L-Spade Finally Serves Us With His New Release ‘Gang Gang’

DJ L-Spade Finally Serves Us With His New Release 'Gang Gang'

DJ L-Spade Finally Serves Us With His New Release ‘Gang Gang’

Marcus Johnson, also known as DJ L-Spade, is a producer and composer who was born in Memphis, Tennessee but currently resides in Chiba, Japan. When passion meets drive, it’s easy to see why his inbox never takes a day off.

He diligently rushes between movie shoots and music studio sessions provided by well-known corporations as the founder of the multi-media firm ” Displaced Media.” Displaced Media assists Japanese enterprises in expanding their worldwide exposure in music, animation, and cinema by more than 200 per cent.

Prior to committing his work all day to Displaced Media, Marcus served in the United States Army and moved on from the University of Tennessee with a Degree in Communication. he talks both Japanese and English.

As a cultivated band drummer, singer, and intramural MA warrior Marcus appreciates dedicating his leisure time connecting with kids just as grown-ups, addressing them about ways of outstanding concentration and following their fantasies.

Martin Donaldson Daisy is the Owner of Music Arena Gh.  As a graphic designer, blogger and social media expertise, he is the confident and creative designer who is self-motivated, self-sufficient and comes to you with a strong background in both print and digital media. He currently lives and study's Digital Media in Nottingham College, United Kingdom.

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