The Dj scene in Ghana is a male-dominated space; as such there are very few women involved, those in the space hardly get enough platforms to showcase their craft and it has become very difficult to find a lot of women in the industry despite their love and interest in the craft.

This article highlights the story of one of the budding female DJs in the country, who has been doing amazingly well for herself over the last couple of months.

Dj Highly is an Egyptian born Ghana-based Disk Jockey who left Egypt for Ghana five years ago. Her love for music and interest in the craft influenced her decision to take on disk jockeying some two years ago.

In an industry that is still gaining ground in the country, being a DJ especially a female is not an easy task. Aside from having to settle for minimum wages from event organizers and other individuals, they also face being overlooked as people would readily go in for male DJs. However, despite all the ups and downs that come with the job, Dj Highly does not feel discouraged.


Nothing is easy in the beginning but once you stand your ground you will see the progress, the support for female DJ’s is less than the support for male DJ’s but again I don’t see why we have to use our genders and we are in 2020 – DJ Highly

Highly believes that one must take a firm stand within the field and be prepared to pursue their goals. As such, she encourages other females who have an interest in the craft to not allow their gender to be a limiting factor. Thus, they should rather let it be a motivating factor to persevere and attain higher heights.

Although she has a very young career, Highly has amassed several amazing achievements. She is resident DJ at Radioactive and has played at many events and venues including Jollof Rave, Garage, True Note Club, and very recently Yaa Pono’s listening party for Thug Diaries. She expressed how her journey has exposed her to several things and helped in her growth 

More self-confidence, people got familiar with me and My DJing skills got better after engaging with people – DJ Highly

Aside from playing at some of these venues and events, she has social media content she puts out every Thursday. Her #ThirstyThursday sessions see display her DJing skills in short video.

With all that is going on in the industry especially the pitching of creatives against each other, Highly is of the view that everyone has their part to play in the industry. Everyone has their way of doing things, where they want to go with their craft and how they want to be perceived by others. 

No one is a competition, we all have our style in playing and each one got their crowd. It’s all up to us to take it to the next level or just be content with what we have and settle for it which is never my plan – Dj Highly

Just like Dj Highly, there other female Djs doing well in the industry and as such it would be wonderful to see more of them on our screens and events. You can stream her mixes on Audiomack and SoundCloud. Connect with her via her handle @iamdjhighly on all social media platforms


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