Devan Reimagined ‘Nascar’ Featuring The Incredible Jon Vinyl Off Her Deluxe EP ‘Liquid Sunshine’

Devan has entered this time by bravely embracing the sounds that seem most genuine to her while also facing the complexities of her history head-on.

She’s returning with new songs that she wrote and recorded in the midst of the epidemic, exposing more of her soul than she ever has before.

Her expressive vocals are consistent throughout her body of work and have a nuanced, captivating quality, yet that’s just a small portion of her musical vision.

Her evolving sonic world, comprised of unique electronic textures, is important to her talent as a young producer, elevating the feelings conveyed in her music. This is most apparent in her recent songs, but it will continue to be so in future releases.

Devan was born in Toronto, but when she was three, she and her family migrated to London. She developed her taste at an early age in the vibrant cultural environment of England, which was rich in music and the performing arts.

She learned the guitar and hoped one day to be a famous singer. But when she moved back to Toronto with her family during her high school years, she began to lose some of her self-assurance.

This song came about in an interesting way because it evolved out of a freestyle. I usually start with lyrics, or at least a general concept/emotion that I want to draw from. In this case, I just sat down and looped some chords on the guitar and left a voice note running until the song was pretty much done. It came very quickly, and I didn’t really know what I was trying to say until it was finished. It’s about escapism and wanting to drive away from anxiety and sadness.- Devan

It wasn’t until she was in college that she began spending significant time learning guitar and performing in intimate settings such as coffeehouses and bars.

She was pushed to hone her skills as a singer, composer, and producer, and she eventually realised that a career in music was a possibility.

Devan was accustomed to being on the road as a member of the band Wild Rivers, so she was good at tuning off distractions. At peace in her own Toronto apartment, she began to devote the first twenty minutes of each day to writing and introspection.

Her writing and singing took on a new depth after some serious introspection. Too far, she has avoided being pigeonholed, which has allowed her to experiment with a wide variety of musical styles, including acoustic and indie pop influences.

For that, she listens to classic bands like Fleetwood Mac, Coldplay, and John Mayer, as well as contemporary artists like Billie Ellish, Frank Ocean, and Dominic Fike.

Working with Devan on ‘Nascar’ was a great experience. As soon as I heard the song, I immediately fell in love with the approach she took to songwriting. My goal was to add some different textures to an already great song to create a new experience for our fans. I can’t wait for everyone to hear this special track.- Jon Vinyl


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