Denmark Singer, Amea Speaks On Women Empowerment In “Go Find Less”

Denmark Singer, Amea Speaks On Women Empowerment In “Go Find Less”

Sensational Denmark songstress, Amea dishes a new single tagged “Go Find Less” where she discusses women empowerment and knowing your worth.

She talks about having a huge identity, uncompromising dreams, and sky-high desire acceptable. The song encapsulates that feeling of being torn between needing to holler your eyes out or dress to depress, sparkle up, and go moving.

“Go Discover Less” maybe a sassy pop tune drawing motivation from both the hip/hop and the pop/rock circles. The song’s bouncy beat and richhowever negligiblegeneration are reinforced by the natural rebellious, melodic guitar riffs, and at last, Amea’s vivacious vocal, glimmering with identity and certainty.

Her latest discharge is a legitimate self-love song of devotion drawing motivation from a few of today’s most fabulous pop rulers, such as Dua Lipa, Bea Mill operator, and Miley Cyrus.

According to her, ““I wrote this song after a big fight with my ex, about our very different dreams and ambitions. I got this feeling that I was too much and that there was no longer room for me in the relationship. I felt like I had to constrain myself in order for us to stay together. The day after the fight, I found myself in a writing session where I had to deal with all of these emotions you can get in the middle of a breakup.”

Listen to Go Find Less below.

Since the Danish media Gaffa composed approximately Amea in January 2020, as one of the craftsmen to keep a near eye on, she included on the SPOT celebration blurb the taking after summer, but the widespread sent her back to the studio.

Presently she stands more compelling than ever and prepared to proceed with her career, fueled by fabulousness and self-confidence, with her modern discharge, a sound take on a breakup melodyOther than this, DPA chose her for their organizing trip to LA for Danish musicians with a worldwide offer.


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