Denitia Releases Newest Single Titled “White Lights”

In the vein of American cultural enlightenment, Denitia is an artist who sings and plays the guitar.

Denitia’s southern upbringing serves as a foundation for her ever-evolving musical persona. He learned himself to play the piano and guitar from a camper in the woods where he lived as a youngster. After high school, she travelled across the nation, attending college in Nashville and then settling in Brooklyn.

Denitia’s art, now centred in the Hudson Valley of New York, tells musical tales of states, cities, and eras past. She’s back with a new album that takes listeners on a tour of love and yearning through the history of the United States.

Denitia creates a novel American paradise with a fusion of country, folk, and rock sounds, bolstered by yearning vocals and the tambourine’s chimes.

For Denitia, the songs serve as mantras for reimagining the concept of “home.” The new song, which was inspired by a romantic relationship in her life, has a great message: the home is really where the heart resides.

Denitia investigates a societal belief that there are greater things to come for us in the hereafter. Suppose, however, paradise is right here, right now, right in front of us? What if things don’t get any better? For others, this change in perspective might help them appreciate the current moment and concentrate on the trip rather than their goal.

We can hear Denitia’s joy in her new track “White Lights,” which is a combination of the singer’s voice and her lyrics. Inspired by Denitia’s Christian upbringing, the overly romantic metaphor was formed. With the radio, she could hear the raw, edgy intensity that came from her childhood and the melodic harmony she’d grown up with.

There is still much to learn about the church’s beliefs. Denitia’s song questions the assumption that we should spend our time here on Earth trying to reach paradise.

The anticipation of a life beyond this one brings a sense of serenity and contentment. There are many lovely moments waiting for us if we discover serenity inside ourselves here on Earth.

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