Demi Grace Shares New Black-themed Album “Blackcurrant”

Considering that she is a lady of the African Diaspora in her thirties living in the United States, she has undoubtedly gone through a lot in her life.

Demi Grace decided to compile all of this into one work under the title “Blackcurrant,” which she says is meant to reflect the viewpoint and experience of a black cis-gendered woman in the United States who originates in Africa.

There are ten tracks in total, and they all serve as undeniable proof of her genius. The album focuses on sex, love, and self-esteem.

All aspects of the single’s presentation and promotion were true to her character and her desire to experiment with new musical genres.

Since each song by Demi Grace has a distinctive melody and rhythm that complement each other beautifully, you’ll come to enjoy this collection very much.

There’s no need to agree with her beliefs to be persuaded by the magnetism she displays in this album.

The new album by the Nigerian singer and model features her stunningly beautiful vocals and provides a different perspective on this type of woman than is typically presented in the media.

She has learned from the greatest; Janet Jackson and Missy Elliot are her primary inspiration sources and guidance.

Listen to the album below and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok.

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