Deige Takes Listeners Back In “Letter To My Past”

Most prior relationships finish on a bad note, which is the case with American rapper Deige’s new song “Letter To My Past.”

There are verses from a difficult period with a prior partner when he repeatedly tried to show his lover how much he loved her but got no response.

Deige actually raps with an alluring voice and crafts charm that is just meant to capture your heart and mind which is mind-blowing.

This song, which tells the tale of a young and talented rapper with big dreams and a blazing gift, reflects his impassioned lyricism.

It is smart and effective in presenting incredible real stories with music, and it is satisfying beginning with the first uttered lyric.

The song comes with a lyric video enclosed all around sentences are images and souvenirs that correspond to memorable experiences and the insights gained from such encounters.

You will undoubtedly relate to the song in some manner, and you will undoubtedly be capable of losing yourself in it. Start making it your own.

Listen to the song below and follow him on Instagram

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