Death By Tapioca Serves His Fans With New Single ‘Take It There’

Death By Tapioca Serves His Fans With New Single 'Take It There'

Death By Tapioca Serves His Fans With New Single ‘Take It There’

Alborz Mohtashami, who was born in Canada to Iranian immigrant parents, was nurtured in an environment of Eastern hospitality and Western pop culture. While he was proud of his ancestry, he found it difficult to express himself in a conflicting society. After getting into trouble in school and with the authorities, he turned to music as an outlet. Politically motivated and frustrated with the world, he sought solutions amid the post-9/11 angst that attacked his heritage. His rage had an impact on his relationships, as he pushed away people who cared the most for him in a futile attempt to gain autonomy.

Death by Tapioca has nothing to do with that existence. Self-care, joining a poetry club, and returning to school all helped Alborz’s calm revival as the light-hearted, fun-seeking Death by Tapioca. Death by Tapioca channels east-meets-west identity into a sound that could play alongside KYLE, Amine, and Lil Dicky in a 2-on-2 beer pong match, drawing on influences ranging from ancient Persian poets to modern slam legends and his love for both thoughtful rap (Kendrick Lamar, Nas) and K-pop stan culture (TWICE, Mamamoo, Red Velvet).

With his latest tune, “Take It There,” Toronto musician Death by Tapioca takes the listener on a peaceful voyage through a post-show rendezvous, channelling the fall weather. The rising talent lays down lyrics piled above a strong bassline, decorated with sparkling production to fit the season’s inside warmth.

Death by Tapioca takes us on a late-night adventure with a romantic interest in an after-party pub. He incorporates a seductive rhythm to sway into a night of unlimited possibilities, with slick dialogue, smart references, and images to back it up.

Death by Tapioca’s childhood problem became an advantage because of the community he discovered inside his city, where self-expression is encouraged and various preferences are embraced. When he thinks about it, his reasons for being upset go away.

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