Dax – ‘Dear Alcohol’ (Mega Remix) Featuring All Stars

RVSHVD, Phix, Erv Ello, Thagreatwhite, Skydxddy, AK, & MORE – Dear Alcohol “MEGA REMIX” by Dax

Even though the Grinch is the star of the video, rapper/producer Dax never fails to provide an engaging performance and a unique perspective on the subject matter.

In “Alcohol,” Dax, a Nigerian-Canadian rapper and also composer, discusses his alcoholism and the effects it has had on him and those around him.

There are no exceptions when it comes to Dax, who is recognised for incorporating personal touches into his songs and who strives to have a significant influence on listeners via his music.

As a musician, he’s not afraid to violate norms and push the limits of human perception by producing soundscapes that are very intricate and meticulously constructed.

His desire to encourage, motivate, and communicate his experience in a unique manner is what drives him to write music. This entertainer has a strong sense of purpose and is relentless in his pursuit of it.

The stars of TikTok are featured in an open poem challenge in this rendition of Dear Alcohol.

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