David Green Shines Like Glitter & Gold On His Brand New Single “Pyrite”

David Green has established a name for himself as an extraordinarily promising new musician because of the openhearted style of piano-based electro-pop that he creates.

Since 2018, the singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles has been putting out new songs, during which time he has been establishing his own distinctive voice and maturing as an artist with each new track. Now, David is in a position where he may achieve new heights while still having a significant effect on the world of current music.

His most recent song, “Pyrite” is a stunning ballad that relies on David’s brilliant lyrics and has a meaningful topic that revolves around the success of finally finding that one special person.

The song “Pyrite” is an enduring love ballad that is intended to warm the hearts and thoughts of anybody who listens to it. The crossover sound of “Pyrite” is certain to go worldwide, and link him with new fans all over the globe. This is due to the breathtaking beauty in the music and vocals, as well as the profoundly emotional hooks and Green’s unmistakable charisma.

This single has absolutely everything it needs to win over all the lovers and dreamers who are listening to it in the process. It was expertly produced by Gabe Lopez, who is responsible for giving “Pyrite” its stellar dynamics and warm glow; it also features the incredible talents of OK Go’s Daniel Konopka on the drums; and when combined with David’s natural star talent, his mesmerising performance makes this single an absolute winner.

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