DanimaL Tals About His New Single ‘Masta Yen’

He goes by the stage name DanimaL and hails from Sheffield, England. He is inspired by the boom-bap sound and conscious style of hip-hop, and he has a strong presence on the underground music scene.

DanimaL has released two EPs and a slew of songs and has been dubbed a “high-viz clad mentalist” by the United Kingdom Hip Hop Herald. DanimaL rose to prominence with the release of his rather controversial tune “Adderall.”

As a result, DanimaL signed with Message of a Nation Records, which is situated in Sheffield. He has been on a number of well-known British hip hop YouTube channels, including, but not limited to, GlobalFaction, JDZMedia, Ukhh, P110 Media, and Northside Media TV, among others. He has also performed live on a number of occasions. A radio performance on Itch FM[5], which was placed 29th on the worldwide old-school hip hop list in 2019, was his first appearance on the radio.

DanimaL has been outspoken about his difficulties with mental health and the bullying he endured as a child and young adult. In an interview with the Star newspaper, he discusses his ADHD diagnosis, which he refers to as a “superpower,” and how he uses music as an escape to fuel his drive for professional achievement. Rapper DanimaL is known for his “off-kilter” style of music, in which he incorporates personal experiences and tales in a lighthearted manner to create a unique and entertaining experience for listeners.

In the UK scene, his primary inspirations were Chester P, Skinnyman, Roots Manuva, Rodney P, and other pioneers of the UK hip hop sound and culture such as Lowkey and Rodney P, among others. On: Yorkshire Magazine published a Q & A with him in which he expresses the significance of embracing one’s accent and notes that “it’s always hilarious hearing people’s responses when they see a bearded looking man rapping with a thick Yorkshire accent while wearing a hi-vis vest.”

Boombap craziness with a Shaolin twist. With nunchucks in hand and the iconic High-Viz jacket on his back, DanimaL demonstrates his poetic talent amid the ancient Nepalese highlands of Nepal.

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