Dahlin Boss – Homosapien (Mixed By Figaz)

Dahlin Boss – Homosapien (Mixed By Figaz)

Dahlin Boss - Homosapien (Mixed By Figaz)

Dahlin Boss – Homosapien (Mixed By Figaz)

Homo sapiens are an interesting form of creature due to their excessive liking for perceiving themselves as of any higher importance to some sort of destiny they would like to fancy themselves a part of. They generally like to worship multiple forms of Gods since they all can’t seem to agree on a single one to celebrate.

Basically, Homo sapien is just the modern human being and the urban dictionary defined the term as “a pitiful race that will most likely cause it’s own extinction before its technologies fully develop”.

Dahlin Boss in his song used the word homo sapien to describe the nature of human beings and how he distrusts the species. He further went on to give advice his listeners to be very careful with the people they move around it after explaining how some people will hail you, smile with you and backbite you later.

In addition, he went on to say to give an example of few historical events that took place and was recorded in the bible. He used the story of Jesus Christ as an example where people hailed Jesus as the savior but later crucify him on a cross for a crime he never committed.

I believe you need to listen to this whole song to follow up the story of a Homo Sapien.

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