D Cryme In The Custody Of Kidnappers?


D Cryme In The Custody Of Kidnappers?

There have been a lot of kidnap cases in the country and it is now on the rise. This place isn’t really safe anymore.

The latest to arrive just yesterday was the case of the missing Takoradi girls whose lifeless bodies were found in a manhole.

Everyone should be very vigilant and alert anytime he/she is out there on the streets. People are the lookout!

We don’t really hear of issues of kidnapping involving celebrities but looks like this is the very first one in a very long time.

D Cryme In The Custody Of Kidnappers?
D Cryme

CEO of Twipop Records, D Cryme, has been kidnapped looking at the latest photo available to MusicArenaGh.com

In the photo, the Koko Sakora hitmaker is seen seated in a chair with a black piece used to cover his eyes.

Now relax and chill! Don’t panic yet because this could even be from a video shoot or something. We are very sorry lol

D Cryme has also released a new single dubbed “Shame On Me” and it is available on all digital music platforms.

See the photo below….

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