D Cryme Goes Hard On Critics And Bloggers In New Single

Well well well, look who we have here….the 6-star General going hard some critics and bloggers in this newest single.

We don’t know D Cryme for responding to issues that much, but I honestly think it is high time he broke his silence.

A lot of things have been said about him from all angles. Right from social media, TV, radio, down to blogs and websites.

He isn’t the controversial type though but the last time we heard something like this from him was when he released “Free Mind Freestyle”.

D Cryme Goes Hard On Critics And Bloggers In New Single
D Cryme

Now back to why we are all here. This hip hop joint dubbed “Ekom” sees D Cryme in his beast mode!! Like damn he nailed it from start to finish. Trust that!!

According to D Cryme, it is only “hungry” people who are so concerned with other people’s matters instead of concentrating on themselves.

He also indicated that there are a lot of artistes who claim “big boys” in the industry, but go and check his account just “zero”.

Looks like he didn’t punch critics and bloggers alone but our dear slay queens. Especially, those who expose themselves for just likes and comments in the quest for fame.

This part of the song cracked me up. When he said “You can’t even support us. If you look at some of them with their trousers they don’t even qualify to be called bloggers”. This is literal..

D Cryme Goes Hard On Critics And Bloggers In New Single
Official cover art

I am talking too much saf, just cop it and listen to the new song on the Unxpected EP. Haha this is crazzzyyyyy

Download here

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