Cynthia Leone Finally Unveils Her First “Movie Star” EP

Cynthia Leone was born in Arles, France, and started singing at a young age with the piano and eventually the guitar as accompaniment.

She’s a contemporary dancer, an actor, and a cinephile, and now she’s a multifaceted artist who expresses herself via her words and compositions.

PNL, Maes, Hamza and Ninho, as well as French song legends Michel Berger, Sylvie Vartan and Daniel Balavoine, have all influenced her new EP.

5 songs in piano-voice like so many arrows uncontrolled in the heart. A voice stunning, powerful melodies, and strong and sophisticated words about the music business. enjoyment via the medium of music.

Her style and personality take hold when she made it through to the final of France 2’s programme The Artist. A rising star in France’s burgeoning music industry!

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