Crosstik Mesmerizes With “Spacesuit”

Soundscapes that go deep and ethereal, with intricate electronic rhythms and a relentlessly energising vibe. Let me introduce you to Crosstik, a promising new electronic musician who is quickly making a name for himself in the industry. His music combines elements of ambient’s soothing ambience with the pulsing bass lines and jaw-dropping drops of electronica.

He’s not the type to play it safe, and he frequently defies categorization in order to deliver something wholly unique and unforgettable. His anthems, full of percussion, have been making waves for some time. As a songwriter, he has a remarkable ear for locating the “groove” in a song, and his work is consistently fresh, original, and unintentionally surprising. The ability to give computer-generated sounds a more human quality has allowed for the creation of music that is both emotionally engaging and wholly unique.

Crosstik most recent Song, “Spacesuit,” features all of his performance-enhancing abilities in one place. The spacey track features vocals by Crosstik’s old pal Modern Creature. The quote by Ram Das in the introduction served as the song’s inspiration and lyrical anchor.

His music is intended to elicit an emotional response from listeners. By sharing his experiences, he hopes to help others find solace in their own trials. Having a positive effect on the individual’s life and radiating outward to influence others. He believes the world has seen enough bad news and now is the time to make something truly remarkable for people to enjoy all over the globe.

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