Courtney Cotter King Shares A Captivating Single Dubbed ‘Conversation’

Courtney Cotter King was born with a piano as an appendage, and she is inseparable from it.

The blue-eyed soul and singer-songwriter genres are fuelled by her creativity. In addition to her three children, Courtney is expecting her fourth.

She wants to show mothers that they don’t have to stop being creative when they have children. She juggles gigs, finger painting, and songwriting with a sense of whimsy.

Courtney is a natural performer who captivates audiences with her mature songwriting and mature voice and lyrics.

The blue-eyed soul, singer-songwriter genre is propelled by Courtney’s piano prowess.

For years, Courtney Cotter King has been performing her unique blend of original music and classic covers at some of Phoenix’s most prestigious venues.

She alternates between bright, catchy tunes and soothing, soothing background music.

Along with Meghan Trainor and Melanie Safka, she has shared the stage with many other well-known singers.

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