Counterfeit Currency Floods the UK

The UK government introduced these plastic £10 notes, among other denominations and already it is flooded with billions of fake notes as shown in this.

Not sure if its part of the Uk or it’s all over the place. Last week at my workplace[ Name Witheld] someone came to the canteen and bought his/her food with a fake currency. The woman at the counter did not notice until when we were almost done with the work. Quite a worrying trend.

Watch a video below where the guy in the video was giving a £10 which he later realized it was a fake after he compared with an original one.


Martin Donaldson Daisy

Martin Donaldson Daisy is the Owner of Music Arena Gh. A young Black guy who loves music and entertainment as a whole. He has worked with quite a few entertainment websites and Currently also works as a freelance Graphic Designer and Publicist.


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