Conner Pearl Shares New Music ‘Gone With Grace’ With A Heartbreaking Story

Conner Pearl is a 22-year-old singer, songwriter, and composer who is originally from Maine but now resides in Los Angeles with his family. Conner has a melodious, forceful, and honest tone that is really outstanding. He essentially just listened to Bruno Mars, Adele, and Maroon while he was growing up. Listening to these musicians has provided him with the tools and encouragement he needs to better his sound and develop a distinctive style of songwriting and singing. Bruno Mars, on the other hand, is his major vocal influence.

His approach to writing songs is to strongly connect with them after they have reached the stage where they are ready to be released. This allows him to make the songs effortlessly relevant to his audience.

I know making music is what I’m best at, and to hear a song finished is extremely fulfilling. I obsess over my music for so long, because I need it to sound exactly the way it feels in my mind. It’s like solving a puzzle without a blueprint, and it can be discouraging and confusing. But when I’m able to put a feeling into a song and perfectly nail the emotions from where the song comes from, I feel unabashedly proud of my work. At that point, I just want the whole world to hear it and to feel what I felt when I wrote it.

It all began with a particular individual in mind for his most recent release single. Instead of expressing to him how they really felt about him and saying goodbye properly, they opted to play on his fears by ghosting him instead. It took him a long to accept responsibility for ending that relationship, but penning this song was a huge boost to his morale and also acted as a type of therapy for him.

This song is me telling that person “all the things I still need to say,” let them know that I know I’m not a bad person. I tried my best in the relationship and all I got for my effort was a slap in the face. I can leave that relationship knowing that at least I tried, I went with grace. But they didn’t.

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