Conner Eko Out With “Sink” (StoneBridge Remix)

California’s Bay Area is home to up-and-coming indie pop singer/songwriter Conner Eko. On June 3, 2022, he unveiled a dance remix of his debut hit titled “Sink (StoneBridge Remix),” made by the DJ StoneBridge, who was nominated for a Grammy. The song features pulsating drums, floaty keyboards and synths, and Eko’s soaring vocals; it is a dance pop single. 

The song’s powerful message is one of being rescued by one’s soulmate, and it employs cosmic themes and metaphors (such as the lyric “cosmic impacts and randomness”) to do so. Conner Eko explains the meaning behind the song, “SINK,” saying, “At its heart, ‘SINK’ is a song about someone who feels completely lost and depressed like he may drift away or sink into nothingness (aka that’s me), but instead, out of cosmic randomness, finds his soulmate and is saved by ‘sinking into her arms’ (that being my wife, Nancy).” 


Conner Eko Out With "Sink" (StoneBridge Remix)
Conner Eko Out With “Sink” (StoneBridge Remix)


Long ago, when Eko was still in high school, he was a member of musical projects as a singer-songwriter (such as the Pittsburgh indie rock band Falling Andes). During that time, he taught science at the high school level and has recently started graduate studies in astrophysics. He investigates extrasolar planets and mulls over the possibility of alien civilizations elsewhere in the galaxy. Although Eko’s scientific endeavors are fascinating, his absence from music and songwriting exacerbated his significant depressive disorder and anxiety. 

In March 2021, a fortunate accident brought Eko a traumatic brain injury, which resulted in post-concussion syndrome, an increase in depression, and other health concerns. Although he had to put his PhD and other pursuits on hold, music became a source of comfort and renewal during his time away from school. Eko started creating new songs and finished his first single, “SINK,” because making music was one of the few things, he could do without experiencing headaches or other concussion symptoms. 

Eko is currently composing new material, which will combine elements of indie synth pop and ’90s-style indie singer-songwriter. Lyrically, Eko’s new songs will be autobiographical, detailing his struggle with depression, but also incorporating philosophical themes and analogies pertaining to the nature of humanity and its place in the cosmos.

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