Comilitunes Debuts With “Where Things Go”

The band Comilitunes is relatively new to the Indie Pop music market. Lisa Istenes, Mina Lichtenberg, and Constantin Hauck are the three exceptionally skilled people that make up the band. When these talented individuals first got together in 2017, they discovered that they had a love for the same kind of music. Soon after, they began collaborating on musical compositions and writing songs together.

Their debut single, “Where things go,” encapsulates the concept of finding safety in ambiguity. They believe it is more relevant now than it has ever been before in humanity. The lyrics of the song convey the want to be held and hugged and to linger in the present moment, despite the uncertainty of what lies ahead. The song evokes feelings of optimism and coziness despite its apparent simplicity. They would be overjoyed if their debut track was able to resonate with a large number of listeners.

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