Coline Blf Releases Music Video For Her Most Anticipated Single ‘Luna’

Belgian writer Coline Blf is 23 years old and hails from the city of Namur. She wanted to produce songs in her image that mixed Bedroom Pop and French Pop, and she was inspired to do so by the English-speaking independent music scene when she was a teenager.

Her antique and sunny musical world was inspired by musicians like Clairo and Mac DeMarco, as well as various French artists like Lewis of Man and Claire Laffut.

When Coline was eighteen years old and had spent the previous year in California, she decided to start making music on her own, at first just by herself in her room, with no particular goals in mind. She has just published her debut track, titled “Tell Me,” which is expected to be heard by over 700,000 people.

Since she was a teenager, Coline has been posting her movies on YouTube under the username “first videographer.” She has a flair for elevating the most mundane aspects of life, and she does it by speaking about music, photography, and ecology in their communities.

She is a staunch advocate for social and environmental justice and supports a variety of causes, including those with rapid fashion and climate change. In 2022, she published her first extended play (EP) titled “Blue Nostalgia,” which consisted of five songs that mixed French and English.

It approaches sentimentality for a summer that has already passed and recounts many recollections of this intensive time of year that binds pleasure and sorrow together.

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