Clay And Friends Releases Que Onda

Clay And Friends Releases Que Onda

Clay And Friends Releases Que Onda

Clay and Friends offer a percussive mix of hip-hop, soul and funk supported by prose in the image of what is now known as La Musica Popular De Verdun. Known for their supercharged live shows, Clay and Friends have rocked over 1,500Canadian and European crowds since 2015 under the #KeEpItMoViN’ umbrella.

In March 2017, the band released their debut album, Conformopolis and released an English-language EP in 2019 titled La Musica Popular De Verdun, streamed over 14million times. Clay and Friends followed up with a second French-language release, Grouillades, which was released on January 31, 2020, and sold out both of its launches at Montreal’s Club Soda and Quebec City’s Impérial Bell in February 2020.

In May 2020, the band was named Révélation Radio-Canada Chanson 2020-2021and, with Grouillades, won the Pop EP of the year at the Gala Alternatif de laMusique Indépendante du Québec (GAMIQ). Their song Going Up The Coast is certified as a Gold single, commemorating the 40,000 digital sales of the single in Canada. Their hit single has accumulated over 10 million listens to date since its release in October 2018.

The band is also nominated for the prestigious Prix FélixLeclerc 2021. The quintet is currently moving its thang on the next chapter of La Musica Popular in2021. A few weeks ago, I was on a small fishing boat in El Salvador. I had just finished recording the voice note of the song we now call: Que Onda. A blue marlin decided to pull harder than usual on the line and sent my iPhone 6 to take its last bath. Poolboy focused on the incredible fish he had just caught, did not understand my confusion.

Indeed, he had just caught our dinner while repeating to be the only sentence he knew how to say in Spanish: Que Onda, Que Onda, Que Onda? What’s up? Quoi de Neuf? Everything is fine in Verdun? I don’t have a phone anymore but I realize he just found the chorus of the song. It’s hard to stay unhappy in such a setting, even when part of your life is falling apart in deep water.

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