CJ Biggerman Unleashes New Hilarious Freestyle

Before we delve into some really serious business right about now, let me just pass through with this one real quick.

Rap in Ghana has been so great I must say, and a number of guys have made it look so easy. Dem dey take am like koko and koose lol

This right here is another banger from the young and hot rap artiste. His artistry is simply amazing!!!

He calls this one “Soulja Man” and it is actually a cover of Soulja Boi’s Crank That.

CJ Biggerman Unleashes New Hilarious Freestyle
CJ Biggerman

Considering how CJ Biggerman was able to put together such a piece still remains a mystery to me. Like damn damn damn!!!

He spits some hilarious shid in this freestyle and trust me, you can’t get enough of it. You go listen am saaaaaa after first play.

Ok let me give you a gist about what the whole song is about.

CJ Biggerman does some storytelling and he narrates how this soldier man in his area loved this girl but the said lady happens to be his girlfriend.

According to CJ, he has been “roning” this girl for two years and if he knew he (Soulja Man) liked her too he wouldn’t have ventured.

No no no wait oooo, so upon CJ Biggerman’s body he isn’t that strong? That’s veli veli bad sigh

CJ Biggerman Unleashes New Hilarious Freestyle
CJ Biggerman

Imagine this soldier man slapping CJ Biggerman and he wasn’t able to do anything. He kept scaring him and all. He doesn’t want to grow lean like Rick Ross and if that happens “he go lost”.

Well, for me I am sad already saf!! Owww you know something? I can’t continue with the story anymore. Cj Biggerman will narrate the whole incident to you.

Listen to this fire here 

CJ Biggerman Unleashes New Hilarious Freestyle
Cover art for Soulja Man

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