Ciarán Singleton Premieres His Latest Single ‘Blind Love’

Ciarán Singleton is a singer, songwriter, and composer who hails from Monaghan in Ireland. His musical style might be described as independent folk.

Ciarán had his first public performance as a singer when he was 15 years old as part of a local variety programme. At the age of 16, he triumphed in a singing competition that was held all throughout Ireland, and he subsequently performed with a number of bands.

Ciarán Singleton Premieres His Latest Single 'Blind Love'
Ciarán Singleton Premieres His Latest Single ‘Blind Love’

Before beginning his career as a solo artist, Ciarán was a member of many different bands, including rock bands and bands that sang Irish traditional folk music.

Genuinely, Ciarán enjoys listening to music from a wide variety of genres. Everything depends on how he is feeling, and the music that he is making is a reflection of that, which is what makes it so special. Different emotions are evoked by each song.

Recent years have seen him draw significant motivation from the work of the Scottish artist Gerry Cinnimon. His goal is to tell the best tale possible with as few lyrics as possible, which is an art form that Gerry has perfected.

This is something that really excites him. Additionally, the American country music performer Chris Stapleton has been a major source of inspiration for Ciarán for a number of years now.

His goal, in terms of motivation, is to compose music that can reach an audience of individuals who have had life experiences that are analogous to his own and who can connect to some of the concepts that are discussed in the songs that he writes.

“Blind Love” is the name of the fresh new track that Ciarán Singleton has just released to the public. This new and exciting Irish singer-songwriter who presents his very own distinct and original style is a blend of Rock and Folk-Rock sounds with a lyrical twist, and his newest single features this sound combination.

In addition to making music, he composes poetry, lyrics, and thoughts on a regular basis. In addition to that, he enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, and gaining new knowledge.

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