Christen Cooper Unveils Her Latest Single ‘That Kind Of Guy’

Christen Cooper is a Salt Lake City, Utah-born singer, songwriter, and record composer.

When Christen Cooper was eleven years old, she joined her first band in the Intermountain West and began playing the guitar. Soon after, she began singing. The Tea Room at the Grand America Hotel was where she made her professional debut.

She’s always had a thing for music. When she was a kid, she and her siblings would jam out to her dad’s CDs in the living room. On the Asia CD’s cover featured a picture of a snake in the water.

It’s no secret that Christen Cooper likes composing songs of numerous genres, but her signature style is country/pop. Country narrative lyrics and catchy melodies are some of her favourite things to compose and listen to. She has written more than 300 songs to date.

Christen Cooper Unveils Her Latest Single 'That Kind Of Guy'
Christen Cooper Unveils Her Latest Single ‘That Kind Of Guy’

Christen Cooper’s family inspires and drives her. They’ve always been there for her while she pursues her singing career, and they’re her greatest fans. They are always there for her, no matter how bad things become.

Christen’s parents have always pushed her to pursue a career in music because they know how much it brings her joy.

I am so pleased to share my first track, “That Kind of Guy!” with you first! The difficulties of dating were the inspiration for this song! It’s difficult to discover a person with whom you feel at ease.

“Dating isn’t something that should be taken lightly,” she explains, “and with this song, I hope all of us can discover what we are seeking for in a relationship.”

A few things that are true to her were stated in the song, such as a man who lets you wear his hoodie, enjoys taco Tuesday, sends flowers without explanation, and loves dogs!

Christen has performed in a variety of settings, including the Tulip Festival, Draper Days, the Tea Room at the Grand America Hotel, The Local, the Commodore Grille, and The Listening Room Café.

She enjoys hiking, swimming, going to the gym, and walking my dog in her spare time. Other interests of hers include book reading, dining out, and travelling.

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