Che Ecru Finally Out With Hard-hitting Jam “XTC”

Che Ecru Finally Out With Hard-hitting Jam "XTC"

Che Ecru Finally Out With Hard-hitting Jam “XTC”

American rapper, Che Ecru is finally out with this hard-hitting song he calls “XTC” where he explains himself better with a hauntingly beautiful, textured introduction to his inner world.

Composingcreating, and singing on 95% of his fabric, Che’s dullbewildering lyricism, by turns raunchy and confident, is decreased by a modernperfect generation that takes account tropes of sex and depression into sweeping unused spaces.

‘eXplain myself’ acts as a fitting, to begin with knowledge into Che’s intellectGullibly lovely but immediately commonplace to anybody who’s attempted to disregard almost somebody, the blend of inconspicuous craftsmanship and limited feeling feels a knowing fit to the frequenting piano keys and vocal echoes that bind the track.

Che has dischargedportion of the exclusive version of his most later collection Til Passing. ‘Baggage’, ‘XTC’ and CANDY’ all feel sonically inventivetied down by seismic basslines that counterbalanced his emotive, shrewd rap fashion.



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