Charlie Fisher Impresses With New Album “State of the Art”

About Charlie Fisher

Charlie is reviving trashy, fun, dance pop, drawing inspiration from artists as varied as Donna Summer, S Club 7, Paris Hilton, and the Pet Shop Boys, but delivering it with his own unique spin and defiant disregard for the “guilty pleasure” moniker.

Charlie’s 2021 saw them become stronger with the releases of City Pop (produced by Boy Sim, with 15.5k combined streams at the time of writing, and a placement on Apple Music’s Glitch playlist), Give Me A Night (8.3k combined streams at the time of writing), and Call Me Crazy (prod. by Sevenths, 17.8k combined streams at the time of writing).

Do You Feel It Now, the project’s premiere track featuring UK-based writer and producer Sevenths, was a Y2K Nu-Disco dream that exploded into 2022 with over 5,000 combined streams.

About the release “State of the Art”

“State of the Art,” Charlie’s magnum opus after more than two years in the development, is a welcome breath of fresh air in a pop landscape that has become increasingly self-serious.

“State of the Art,” preceded by the tracks “City Pop”, “Give Me a Night”, “Call Me Crazy”, and “Do You Feel It Now”, serves as a manifesto for restoring pleasure and joy to pop music.

“See You Fall”, a fresh new song, serves as the album’s opener. The Boy Sim-produced track has been a mainstay in Charlie’s live shows for a while now, and for good reason: it’s a timeless electro-disco classic.

“Do You Feel It Now” (prod. Sevenths) is a Y2K Nu-Disco dream, complete with gleaming strings, shimmering synths, and a vocal chop to die for, as described by the creators themselves. “Do You Feel It Now”, firmly planted in the dancefloor, celebrates gay liberation in the best way we know how: with the force of bloody terrific pop music.

“Body & Soul” (prod. Sevenths) is a slower, more reflective cut that the musician has described as “the closest you’ll ever get to a ballad from me.” Charlie sings about a love that was a bit too good to be true over a seductive electro-pop beat with backup vocals from indie pop sensation Bexx.

Charlie stops trying to avoid the bubblegum bass of “I Know U” and instead falls headfirst into the hyperpop accusations (prod. Tobre). With one foot on the dancefloor and the other in the DJ booth, I Know U takes its listeners on a roller coaster of emotions from anguish and confusion to unwavering loyalty before letting them down with a dose of pure, unadulterated joy.

New and exclusive remixes of prior singles are included on the mixtape, as are contributions from DJ Re:Code, NICK WHITE, and Bryce Quartz, three more independent music industry heavy hitters. In all seriousness, this is something you should not miss.

Follow Charlie on: Twitter, SoundCloud, Bandcamp and Instagram.

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