Chance the Closer Stuns With “The Algorithm”

Now an all-genre producer, Chance the Closer used to be an actor, screenwriter, and sales phenom in his native Oregon. His moniker originates from his successful career in high-tech and real estate sales. Now he transitions from pop to dubstep, house to trap, and electronica to rock as he winds down his sets. He mashes everything together.

“Music is the food of the soul and I like to think I am the chef of rhythm bringing a dash of funk and a peppering of the nineties to modern day EDM and Pop.”

“The Algorithm” is an excellent EP by Chance the Closer. This artist is a true musical chameleon, and the tracks on this release showcase his versatility and skill. “The Algorithm” is a perfect example of Chance the Closer’s ability to produce catchy, yet complex, songs. The production value is top-notch.

“The Algorithm” is a three song EP all about how we are allowing algorithms to dictate our lives. We are impacted by everything we intake and that is not chosen by us, it is chosen by coders and intelligent software.

We’re constantly being presented with options, but we have to remember that we’re the ones who make the decisions. This EP is a great reminder of that.

Chance the Closer’s “The Algorithm” is a fresh and innovative take on the tired and overdone EDM genre. With its mix of bass, catchy hooks, and uplifting melodies, the ep is sure to please fans of all genres.

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