Ceyeo – “Summer Love”

About Ceyeo

Ceyeo is a Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist known for his diverse range of styles. If you’re looking for a band that isn’t constrained by genre, look no further than Ceyeo. Instruments like electric guitar, bass, drums, and synthesisers are combined with unconventional instruments like synths to create music with a compelling atmosphere. It was in high school, when they began writing songs for the first time and discovered passion for music. They found that writing music was a natural process from the very beginning.

Ceyeo has some impressive stats with their music on social media and streaming platforms. They are currently at about 1.2 million views of creators using “Broken” on TikTok. On YouTube, “Trying” has over 136,000 views, “U Can’t Hide” has over 100,000 and “Broken” has 80,000. The Ceyeo YouTube channel has over 1,220 subscribers. Now that’s impressive.

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About The Release “Summer Love”

Modern R&B and Hip-Hop are mixed with old school samples from the likes of Ma Rainey in the song “Summer Love.” The saxophone of Ceyeo is used to enhance the jazzy feel of this song. It’s not a complex song, but it has a lot to say. 

Ceyeo used Ma Rainey’s 1927 classic ‘Blues Oh Blues’ as a sample to give the track an authentic vintage sound. In addition, a 125-year-old audio sample from Cornell University’s New Year’s Party in 1897 can be heard throughout the entire song. This adds a sense of timelessness to the soundscape.

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