Ced Koncept – Zonga ft. Agressivo Nyandoro

Ced Koncept – Zonga ft. Agressivo Nyandoro

Ced koncept, whose real name is Cedrick Kikudi, is considered a UFO in the microcosm of Congolese rap. Fan of the collectives in vogue at the time.

The severity of his parents does not allow him to embark on any extracurricular adventure. It was not until the year two thousand and ten, with a graduate degree in hand, that the studio doors finally opened before him.

His first track“Rappa mwela manyi”, produced Simms Lumami’s Tegra records, an essay which quickly turned into a masterstroke by reaping a resounding success with the public and the critics. Its formula is an innovative blend of 100 per cent local mixtures with modern sounds. Shortly after he founded the Akaaateam group with Madia and Caseiro the experience only lasted a few years before each took a different artistic direction and since then each evolves into Solo.

The fads of rap across the Atlantic have only a summary effect on the realism of his words. Behind his enchanting smile and his sly gaze, on the country’s current affairs hides the desire to say things. This alchemist knew how to nd the philosopher’s stone of his music; its eclecticism goes through folklore, afrobeat, blues, house music…commitment to promoting Congolese culture and languages through urban music. he presents himself as the standard-bearer of these young people who perpetuate rap after the etoile dream of the predecessors who could not reconcile rap and daily life when we know that the success of esteem collected is not followed by a commercial success due to the absence of production structures and a real musical economy and to remedy this in 2016 with a friend columnist and TV presenter only Bwabwa he created Wango Musik  “a platform for promotion and training dedicated to Katangese music “He claims to derive his passion for music from his Grandfather who played the accordion and xylophone.

Having spent in the arcana of this music made him a seasoned artist. Artist in various hats, sometimes singer, sometimes rapper sometimes designer for him all roads lead to music, his desire to say what is important to him is omnipresent.

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