Captivating Tune “Thing” From Belz

About Belz

Belz is a pianist and guitarist-savvy musician and composer living in New York City, United States. Belz began singing around the age of six and began voice, piano, and guitar classes at the age of ten. She began playing locally and writing her own music shortly thereafter. Michael Jackson, Ariana Grande, Madison Beer, Judith Hill, Stevie Wonder, Demi Lovato, Bruno Mars, and Tori Kelly are significant influences on Belz. Belz is a young musician with tremendous potential. Her matured voice resonates with the spirit, and she exudes elegance without being stuffy or overly formal. You will be able to feel her excitement and hypnotic ecstasy since she makes it sound so yet complicated.

About The Release “thing”

“Thing” is a song about the feeling you get when you’re in an unofficial, “just a thing” relationship and trying to convince yourself that you won’t get your heart shattered. This song addresses the emotional toll of a “thing” in today’s culture, which is pervasive and oftentimes quite perplexing. Belz desired the lyrics to be weighty, but the song’s style to be buoyant and delicate. There is a particular delicacy to intense emotions.

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