Candice D Finds Love With International Super Star Aaron Yan


Candice D Finds Love With International Super Star Aaron Yan

Ghanaian born, but Paris based female singer and business executive, Candice D flaunt her amorous relationship with Taiwanese international superstar Aaron Yan, a singer and an actor.

It was rumoured the two were involved when the singer in 2018 was spotted with a Tattoo with Aarons name but as from now, we can’t call it a rumour as the two have taken their show of affection to social media as their comment box buzzes with all the gist.

Candice D just before shooting the audio-visual for her latest single Agenda took a video in which she was singing an Aaron Yan song while showing off the tattoo on her left arm with love signs. It all appeared as a normal video till Yan hit her comment box with praises of love.

The comment got follow-ups from fans as one fan waded off girls on social media who demonstrate an interest in Aaron Yan saying, ”He has a girlfriend who has tattoo her name on her”.

Aaron Yan is a Taiwanese actor and singer who has over the years registered his name on the international scene as he has starred in some of the best productions and has numerous hit singles and a couple of well-known albums to his credit. He was also one of the members of Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit.

The singer Candice D who is the subject in the middle of all this currently released her second work titled, ”Agenda” and added up a flawless audiovisual which seems to depict Ghana as the home for tourists and a destination all should aim to visit.

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