Can Prophets Be Sued For Their Prophecies ?

Can Prophets Be Sued For Their Prophecies ?

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It is said in the Holy Scripture (Matthew 24:5) that during the end time there would be a lot (Prophets, Men Of God)who would come to lure the world that they have been sent from God.

In Ghana recently, there has been a whole lot of Prophets taking over the broadcasting scene, claiming there are from God but have personal favorited Prophets who they say powerful as they are but don’t have the courage to call other claimed Prophets fake (which I’m not concerned about).

These Prophets of doom in recent times have made the days of top celebrated musicians in our country (Ghana) an uncomfortable one by making a whole lot of prophecies about for-seeing their deaths. In a recent case was that of the late Ebony and in a case of Shatta Wale predicted by one Prophet Cosmos.

In an interview with Ghana’s renowned lawyer,Lawyer Maurice Ampaw concerning if these Prophets can be sued for their actions or words (Prophecies) he said “Yes”. He said, they can be sued for as they cause Emotional Shock (Reasonable Fear) that limits the victim’s peaceful existence. He added that the courts are not supernatural ones and do not judge on that basis and these prophecies made are considered as threats to the courts.

Adding up he said individuals can sue and injunctions put on these Men of God.

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