Cameron Dasher Releases A Heartfelt Illustration Of Heartbreaks ‘Sage’

Cameron Dasher is a 21-year-old nonbinary producer and singer from Houston, Texas and presently residing in Brooklyn.

Around the age of 2, they began participating in choirs and theatre productions, and as soon as they could speak, they began composing songs of their own. A Comparative Literature graduate with majors in Music and Russian, they just graduated from Fordham University.

After around 18 years of practising theatre, they decided that they wanted to have more creative control over the things they were making and taught themselves how to create.

As a major admirer of electronic pop music, Cameron has been studying synthesisers even as a toddler. Because of pioneers like Sophie and Arca pushed the boundaries of what is possible to make electronically and synthetically, electronic music is a huge inspiration to them. They want to be a part of that.

Cameron Dasher Releases A Heartfelt Illustration Of Heartbreaks 'Sage'
Cameron Dasher Releases A Heartfelt Illustration Of Heartbreaks ‘Sage’

Cameron is entirely influenced by cinema and video game scoring. They place a high value on the evolution of their own style.

Their most recent release “Sage” is a song which shows the fury, bitterness, and eventual release of sorrow. There’s something paradoxically so confining and yet so free about this music as a whole.

This track, “Sage,” is the first of a slew of new songs that combine cinematic elements with disarming melodies. Aside from music production and releasing songs, Cameron is also studying how to sound design for theatre and movies as well as scoring.

As a Russian Literature expert and their first album which investigates the anamorphic properties of animals in the 19th and 20th centuries, Russian Literature will be coming out around August.

About 13 years ago, they began teaching themselves how to do experimental makeup, and Cameron is particularly interested in transforming your face into an artistic canvas. Also, based on their major, it seems that they like reading and have lately rediscovered this passion this year.

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