In the voice of a Knight  “another one “.Yes,Another one from the camp of Knightsquad [BRxGT] (Bright) bringing his fans to the screets(streets) to feel the life n thrive they going through each day as hustlers trying to make ends meet.
“Youngin/swanging” is the title of the song produced by the group’s beatmaker QuanQuainooBeats.The song centers on the wildness of his peers(young folks) from the city he’s from as a results of many factors in the hood.

What the Knightsquad aim to achieve with this song is not only break bounds but to create awareness of how the younsters in the neighbourhood and neighbouring cities and town are suffering in other words hustlin hard to make it out of the ghetto.
Life isn’t easy at all inna ghetto ,most of his young friends in the hood ends behind bars, others living the vice life and others willingly to join wats kills their minds and Future .


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