Brnsrght Outdoors Halloween Theme Song ‘ Fang’

Brnsrght Outdoors Halloween Theme Song ' Fang'

Brnsrght Outdoors Halloween Theme Song ‘ Fang’

Lukas notable by numerous individuals as Brnsrght is a Lithuanian conceived, Cartoon Network brought up, London based Songwriter, Rapper and Producer.

Since the beginning, he tried different things with different classifications, instruments and approaches in investigating and playing out his sound, motivated, to some degree, by his dad’s music assortment, which envelops everything from Rachmaninov to Nirvana, The Temptations to Indian Ragas.

When he left his nation of origin for great, at 21, Lukas had effectively made a few collections of music list, including unique soundtracks for a couple, large Lithuanian motion pictures. Looking for a greater downtown climate, he ended up in London, where he became motivated by the rave scene, began performing with his metal band, acting in motion pictures, road performing – working, whatever it took to keep the imagination alive.

In the mid-year of 2016, Lukas encountered a blast in a London bar that left him with severely charred areas covering 15% of his body. In recuperation, through actual torment and dependence on desensitizing it, BRNSRGHT found comfort recorded as a hard copy and creating his beats; before long, rapping on them turned into the best type of self-treatment.

Continuously on top of the melodic zeitgeist, this worldwide disapproved of the craftsman with a fondness for language is making sub-cognizant Hip-Hop, with solid bass, nostalgic songs and an assorted conveyance.

Teeth Out and don’t give a F&$K disposition go connected at the hip. However, it’s an adoration tune on the elective side. Laidback, unusual speed of the beat and a sure vocal conveyance set the disposition of night animals get-together. BRNSRGHT indeed carries variety with his various voices all through the tune.

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