Britain’s Hottest Hip Hop Star Piers James Releases New Single ‘Cha Ching’

Piers James, a rising British Hip-Hop sensation from Ipswich, continues to break away from the pack. Piers returns with ‘These Nights’ a laid-back boom-bap homage to friendship, family, and future good times in the midst of Hip-fierce Hop’s competition for young MCs.

It’s hard not to like Piers James. Despite his laid-back demeanour, he’s an accomplished rapper who can transcend genre boundaries to create his own unique style of hip-hop. To live up to his own credo of “Born Artistic To Achieve” he’s filled his portfolio with gems that combine clever language with a desire for vibrant production.

Piers James has released his debut track ‘CHA CHING’ produced by ZDot through Payday Records, a legendary rap label. Zdot, a West London-based producer and composer, began his career in the grime movement and has since evolved into one of the most diverse songwriters in the UK.

Piers performs a series of daring actions for the amusement of an audience in a tongue-in-cheek film that he has put together.

He’s a lyrically and musically unique musician that delivers lyrics that stray from the beaten path with authenticity and empathy. Piers James is a ninja sage among blusterers, despite the fact that many MCs are in the business of boasting. Rapper and producers from London are already gaining notice in the music business and on the radio for bringing old-school sounds into the modern day.

If you focus on the money you’ll never be satisfied because there’s always more to chase. I learnt you have to enjoy the journey and have fun, because when you do what you love with a passion the money will always follow. I want to leave an imprint that inspires people to build a legacy, bringing back that feeling of when you used to watch MTV Base and heard a new artist for the first time and you couldn’t help but want to repeat the track, learn the lyrics. I want to inspire people to chase their own ambitions with songs and a music video that made you feel something.

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