Brianna Knight Premieres ‘Link Up’ To Combat Long Distance Relationship

Singer, songwriter and producer Brianna Knight is from Spring Valley, New York, and is active in the R&B and Neo-Soul music genres.

She tells the tales of other black women like herself, using her soulful voice, and she was inspired to do so by artists such as Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, and Jazmine Sullivan. You can tell that Brianna loves music very much because of the tremendous emotion that comes through in her vocal projection. Brianna is an excellent vocalist.

During her years as a performer, she has been not once but twice at the Apollo and has served as an opening act for performers such as Samoht and Ruslan KD. Her most recent accomplishments include composing jingles for Chime and performing in the Women Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Her voice has the ability to put you in a trance, and once you’re there, you can’t help but play her songs over and over again. Love, poetry, and music are the tools that Brianna Knight is using to slowly but surely transform the world.

Her most recent hit, “Link Up” is about a person who is unhappy in a long-distance relationship and wants something else. Because of COVID, Brianna and her boyfriend had to give a lot of careful consideration before deciding whether or not they would move in together.

They dreaded the prospect of having to travel large distances during their quarantine just like everyone else. She wanted to reassure people that it is still possible to meet potential partners, have fun on dates and holidays, and keep one’s safety in mind while doing all of these things.

It has a similar sound to Wizkid & Tems’s song “Essence,” and it’s a tune for the summertime that makes the listener feel like they’re driving their vehicle with the top down, the music blaring, and their partner’s hand on their thigh.

She has high hopes that other black women would discover strength in love and vulnerability and be inspired by her tales.

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