Briana Piedra Premieres A Playful And Abstract Pop Song ‘Crave’

Briana Piedra is an American singer-songwriter who was born in Los Angeles and raised in Portland, Oregon.

Early on in her vocal career, Briana’s passion for songwriting emerged. She began sharing her own songs on SoundCloud in 2016 and hasn’t looked back.

Something to Believe In” was Briana Piedra’s first soft pop debut single published in 2019, and it quickly gained the attention of other PNW creatives. Once she had officially debuted, Briana teamed up with Portland’s acclaimed Burn Money Music to create the electrifying pop hit “No More,” which showcased her wide-ranging vocal range and compositional abilities.

During her confinement, Briana began studying how to record her own voice at home in preparation for her 2020 release. It wasn’t long before she realised she had a talent for making music that elicits a sense of well-being.

Briana returned to Los Angeles in March of 2021 to pursue her music career. Finally, Briana published her 5 song EP “Daydream” on YouTube in July 2021, which had beautiful images. Soft Pop and Electric R&B are two of the genres included on the EP, which was created by the band members themselves. Briana’s ecstatic sound continues to grow, and that excites us.

When you listen to the song CRAVE, you’re transported to a passionate relationship in which two individuals are desperate for each other’s adoration.

The song is a reminder that even if nothing serious is going on, you may still get caught up in doing crazy things to attract the other person’s attention, even if you don’t want to give them any power.

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