A Tema-Accra bound train has left 3 passengers injured after it derailed at Tesano on Monday morning, according to an eye witness the train was moving at a constant speed which shouldn’t have caused the accident, they blame the accident on poor/bad roads.

Train derail at tesano
Train derail at tesano

It was confirmed that 3 out of 6 people onboard were sent to an undisclosed hospital for proper healthcare.

In February 2015, there was a similar train accident also at Tesano, involving an Accra-Nsawam bound train, where part of the train disentangled from the remaining coaches.

Well the train is the most convenient mode of commuting for most people living in Accra and Nsawam, especially, traders who convey farm produce and processed food from Nsawam to Accra each day.

But the state of the country’s rail tracks, and even the trains themselves, put passengers at risk.

Tesano police have launched an investigation on the case says Tesano police .

Train derail at tesano
Train derail at tesano

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