Bomberjak and Demarco Collaborate To Drop New Single Off ‘Melody Album’

Bomberjak and Demarco Collaborate To Drop New Single Off 'Melody Album'

Bomberjak and Demarco Collaborate To Drop New Single Off ‘Melody Album

Conceived out of the Swedish rural areas, arriving at all mainlands, the Bomberjak project has since the start of 2015 had an alternate way to deal with the music scene. In those days, when being worn out on consistent dark Sweden, the music couple chose to attempt to show the Swedish individuals a portion of the shadings different regions of the planet brought to the table.

Their music, in any case, wound upcoming a long way past at any point expected, and their objective of spreading tone to the Swedes transformed into a worldwide matter. Demarco and Bomberjak team up in this vibe great and new reggae tune. The track joins the vibe and stream of an exemplary reggae tune with drum machines and tests from present-day creation.


The track is a piece of the prestigious dancehall craftsman Demarco’s first full-length studio collection “Song” and different elements on the collection incorporate, Sean Paul, Shaggy, Konshens, Stephen Marley, and Spice to give some examples.

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