Bodhi Unleashes A Very Powerful Ambient Album Titled ‘Deep Dream’

Bodhi Setchko, better known simply as “Bodhi” is an American musician, songwriter, composer, recording artist, producer, educator, and band leader originally from Berkeley, California.

Herb Alpert and Al Hirt were two of his favourite musicians when he was nine years old. After hearing PAUL HORN’s album Inside (The Taj Mahal) on the radio when he was 14, he decided to learn the flute. He continued to practise and study the instrument throughout his school years and beyond, eventually playing in several bands and beginning to compose.

Sound Healing is a new genre that he has found and embraced after beginning his musical career with folk and rock music. Using acoustic instruments, simple sound vibrations with the objective of helping individuals re-align their frequency field with their soul purpose.

Bodhi Unleashes A Very Powerful Ambient Album Titled 'Deep Dream'
Bodhi Unleashes A Very Powerful Ambient Album Titled ‘Deep Dream’

Since then, he’s added a slew of new instruments to his ensemble, such as flutes from all over the globe and unusual instruments like the Conch Shell, Charango, and 12-String Guitar.

Spending time in nature as well as listening to acoustic guitar and piano music are some of his inspirations and motivators.

His most recent album, “Deep Dream,” is the result of 30 years of research on sound healing principles and shamanic trance induction. This album’s purpose was to induce a state of profound relaxation by entrancing the listener into a state of deep rest and relaxation.

As a healer, Bodhi developed a distinct improvisational approach to

healing music. He has been to several festivals and conferences, including the International Conference on Shamanism.

He works as a music teacher for individuals of all ages, as well as a mentor for persons in the music industry. For the last 20 years, he has been a professional wilderness and river guide in the mountains of the Western United States.

The things he loves to do in his spare time include Hiking and making instruments out of bamboo.

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