Bobby Part Time & Claire Virginia Join Forces On ‘Lose My Mind’

Bobby Part Time & Claire Virginia Join Forces On 'Lost My Mind'

Bobby Part Time & Claire Virginia Join Forces On ‘Lose My Mind’

Born Robert Pealer, the Philadelphia suburb native began rapping in his adolescence and was one half of “Two White Boys,” a collaboration with his cousin, who is also recognised on Bobby Part Time productions. With a packed release calendar, Bobby Part Time appears to be working full-time for the foreseeable future.

Bobby Part Time, fresh off his first album “Clockin In,” is using his artistically diverse style to propel him to the top of today’s hip hop musicians. The MC, Singer, and Songwriter draw inspiration for his clever wordplay and overall dynamic flow from his Philadelphia background.

Bobby Part Time and Claire Virginia, two genre-blending musicians, collaborate on this relatable, feel-good rap anthem. ‘Lose My Mind’ welcomes us inside Bobby’s vulnerable world of songwriting, with the idea of pursuing your goals rather than settling for a 9-5 job. The tone is set by playful horns and gliding synth, which blends the best of R&B, rap, and choir vocal components for a sound reminiscent of Mac Miller. Social media advertisements, blog/playlist pitching, and influencer outreach will be used to promote the music.

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