Blunda Promises Of ‘Brighter Days’ In His Latest Album

Blunda is a musician who has found success as a singer, songwriter, and composer.

Andy Blunda began his musical career as a pianist in college and then went on to play guitar and keyboards for bands such as Fastball and Paloalto. He also went on tour as the guitarist and keyboardist for Jason Falkner (Jellyfish, Beck, St. Vincent), as well as for Zoe Bonham (Jellyfish, Beck).

Early in 2010, he began composing music for television and movies, and in the time since then, he has firmly established himself as a well-known media composer. His compositions have been included in a number of television shows, commercials, and movies.

Blunda Promises 'Brighter Days' In His Latest Album
Blunda Promises ‘Brighter Days’ In His Latest Album

In 2013, his compositions for the Discovery programme “After the Catch” were considered for an ASCAP television and film award nomination.

His most recent album, titled “Brighter Days” has both instrumental and vocal songs that have the intention of carrying the listener away to a realm where the sky is the limit. The concept behind this album came from a want to evoke a setting and a state of mind that would take the audience somewhere else entirely.

The fact that he was able to take his child to so many wonderful places within easy driving distance of the city over the course of the last year provided inspiration for him to create something that would convey what it is like to be surrounded by such large and open vistas. Particularly in light of the many lockdowns that have taken place over the course of the preceding few years.

Because Blunda has devoted so much time to developing his abilities as a musician, he is now capable of writing songs that are outlandish while yet being approachable at the same time.

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